Accelerating Market Entry of Deep Tech Spin-Offs

Nächster Eingabetermin:  01.12.2019

Gebert Rüf Stiftung supports university-based, high-potential business cases from the Venture Kick programme with the aim of substantially accelerating their market entry. The new funding line is calling for top talents with convincing proposals of how a research and development or design boost can speed up the success of their deep tech business case. For this purpose, the sum of CHF 2.5 million p.a. is reserved, integrating the previous DesignPlus funding programme.

Objective: boosting innovative deep tech business

«InnoBooster» aims at speeding up innovative, science-based deep tech business cases which have already entered the Venture Kick process and promise high market potential.  Up to CHF 150,000 for a maximum of 1.5 years can be granted to top talents with a clear plan and funding need for accelerated market entry. The new funding line is calling for convincing proposals which show how a further boost in research and development or design can drive business success.

Videoclip: Launching «InnoBooster» 


  • The project must be in the Venture Kick programme or has recently completed the programme.
  • Grantees commit themselves to complete the Venture Kick programme within the allotted time span; if they quit it deliberately, the InnoBooster grant has to be reimbursed.
  • The project has to be rooted at a Swiss university or research institution (ETH Domain, cantonal university, university of applied sciences), funding goes to the university and not directly to startups already founded.
  • Applicants allow GRS the right to obtain information on assessments from Venture Kick.
  • Budget of a maximum of CHF 150,000 for no more than 1.5 years: No infrastructure costs or overheads are financed, only salaries and materials costs directly related to the project.
  • The project must provide the following proofs: Scientific quality through a letter of endorsement from a funding programme such as BRIDGE Proof of Concept, Pioneer Fellowships, Innogrant or similar; entrepreneurial potential through a letter of endorsement from (potential) customers, investors, industry partners.

Project Submission

Project Evaluation

The selection process takes a maximum of three months, from submission of the project proposal and elevator pitch video (step one) to the final decision after the project presentation to the board of trustees (step two). The board of trustees reaches the grant-making decision at its quarterly plenary meeting on the basis of the support criteria and the strategic objectives of the area of activity.

There is no procedure for appeals or applications for re-examination or reconsideration; no correspondence will be entered into regarding grant-making decisions.

Approved projects InnoBooster